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Once again you have really pulled through. I heard that you are the best and I can see for myself you are.
We use Tigerfish Air to get our transcripts in around an hour. From start to finish the process is seamless and that sure makes my life a lot easier!
HT Intel
Can't tell you how much we have enjoyed using Tigerfish. Each time I've called you in a pinch I've been able to talk to a real voice. That's huge.
BO, Presentation Strategies
I have come to expect excellent service and a great value from Tigerfish over the years. I’m pleased with the ease of use and the quick turnaround. Overall, I remain really pleased.

MB Haas, Jr. Fund
You guys were terrific. We were very happy with the customer service, the quick turnaround and the quality of the transcription.

AL, The California Wellness Foundation
Once again you have really pulled through. I heard that you are the best and I can see for myself you are.

Transcribing Brainstorming Sessions: Record Creativity!

transcribing brainstorming sessions

How can transcribing brainstorming sessions make them more effective?

You need to record your creative output, and while note-taking is great, transcription can provide an additional non-disruptive and more complete record.

But first, you need to have a fruitful brainstorming session.

Four Ways to Improve Your Brainstorm

Define your objective

Posing a question is a good way to do this.  Questions lead people to think of….you got it – answers!  You can start broad:  “How can we double our customer base in the next year?”  And narrow it down in subsequent sessions:  “How can we reach new buyers using video web content?”

Establish a quantitative goal

Something as simple as “40 ideas in 40 minutes” can fuel the process.  Stay on it – use a timer, and go! More is better in this case. It’s rock ‘n roll – rhythm, timing, dynamism, inspiration and improvisation. Set the pace.

Build, don’t demolish

Postpone analysis. Save the critique. For maximum creativity, make the first and second meetings strictly positive.  You want to build on each other’s ideas, not tear down.  A good transcript can record creativity in process and deliver it promptly.  This can give important feedback on whether a meeting was conducted optimally.

Transcribing brainstorming sessions:  Record creativity in process!

Make a big list on a whiteboard that everyone can see.  And make an audio or video recording.  Use a quality transcription service when you want to transcribe these meetings.  You may be great at taking notes, but you may still be surprised by how much gets lost without an actual transcript.

Jason Avery / Best Practices

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