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Once again you have really pulled through. I heard that you are the best and I can see for myself you are.
We use Tigerfish Air to get our transcripts in around an hour. From start to finish the process is seamless and that sure makes my life a lot easier!
HT Intel
Can't tell you how much we have enjoyed using Tigerfish. Each time I've called you in a pinch I've been able to talk to a real voice. That's huge.
BO, Presentation Strategies
I have come to expect excellent service and a great value from Tigerfish over the years. I’m pleased with the ease of use and the quick turnaround. Overall, I remain really pleased.

MB Haas, Jr. Fund
You guys were terrific. We were very happy with the customer service, the quick turnaround and the quality of the transcription.

AL, The California Wellness Foundation
Once again you have really pulled through. I heard that you are the best and I can see for myself you are.

A Quality Transcription Service Helps You Innovate!

A quality transcription is an accurate, formatted, appropriately edited transcription.  Why choose quality transcription? For most purposes, there is really not much use for a shoddy transcript.

Quality transcription gets it in writing

 A half-baked transcript is useful for jogging your memory, but for most applications, it just won’t cut it.  Whether you are holding a financial meeting at Chevron, making a documentary film for a small production company, interviewing subjects for your PhD thesis, or brainstorming your next startup, a quality transcription service will make you an excellent transcript and that’s what can take your project to the next level.

Why you might want a transcript of your meeting:

  • Topics generated can be commented on and built upon using document sharing
  • Make content of the meeting searchable using keywords
  • Provide a historical record which can be referred to at future meetings
  • Let people know that their thoughts and opinions matter
  • Make it easy to share your ideas with people who are unable to attend
  • Allow those absent to participate in the discussion afterwards via Microsoft Word, Google docs, Dropbox, or other sharing platforms
  • When exact language is vital, you will want a verbatim transcript
  • Transcribing audio to text makes the content useable on the web, where keyword searches are crucial
  • Content generated can be used directly in advertising, outreach, internal memos
  • Transcripts capture content more completely than minutes or notes alone

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